Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Fake Watches UK With White Pointers

Omega launched diving watches in 1970 that can endure strong pressure and are designed for divers to explore deep ocean. Their exploring range is within 600m in depth, so they are called “Ploprof” originating from a French phrase “plongeur professionnel”. Omega copy watches with steel are very solid and durable and of best function.

omage seamaster ploprof 1200m

In 2016, Omega has launched new Ploprof watches. This time, the fake new watches can be used 1200m deep below the ocean surface. The new ones with similar appearance have been improved inside. Omega replica watches are equipped with co-axial calibres and master Chronometer movements.

omega fake 2016 ploprof

Omega Ploprof Replica watches have bi-directional diving bezels which can be released and locked by a unique safe pusher at 2 o’clock. There is a valve to exclude helium at 4 o’clock on the side of case during decompression. This setting is very useful for professional divers.

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